Now I'm A Pro (2021)


With over 22 million streams on Spotify, regular radio plays in both Scandinavia and internationally and guest appearances on prime time TV, the British/ Swede Jack Moy has shown that there is a place for the organic indie rock sound in a computerized DJ-era and he has found his own musical niche.

Following the release of the debut album “All Alone On A Monday” on his own label in 2014, Jack Moy has gone from strength to strength. Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, TV, and regular radio plays (P3, P4, NRJ, and Bandit Rock) have resulted in a fanatic following in Sweden.

Jack Moy’s natural environment is “live” with Jack’s powerful voice, energy and big sing a long choruses with a story to tell. The result? Unforgettable sold-out gigs at clubs such as Debaser Medis, Babel and Sticky Fingers and summer festival appearances at Hultsfred, Hejtö and Lunda.

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